A unique preparation of a new generation for plant protection, improvement in the quantity and quality of crops, and revival of the soil fertility, developed by the scientific team of the company 5-th Element.

Certificate of state registration series A No. 07617 dated February 08, 2019

 “V-AGRO” is a water-soluble biological product of systemic action, has the properties of a growth stimulator, immunomodulator, biorepellent, has high biofungicidal properties, and activates soil microbiota.

The preparation contains a balanced set of trace elements in an easily-accessible form for plants.



The main objective of the preparation is increasing of the quantitative and qualitative indicators of productivity in both favorable and adverse environmental conditions, increasing of the biomineralizing activity of soil microbiota. Treatment with preparation protects plants from stress (negative effects) of different nature at different stages of plant development, in particular: drought, flooding, high and low temperatures, frost, unbalanced micromineral composition of the soil, acid rain, soil depletion, and complex weather anomalies, where several factors are combined together, pests, diseases of microbial and fungal nature.

  The preparation is based on active substances of a signal nature in combination with excipients. In other words, the main active substance is a complex of hormonal and hormone-like plant molecules — the so-called “COMPLEXONE OF BRASSINOLIDE”, which works at the level of the plant’s genetic program. Brassinolide was isolated from rapeseed pollen. It is a complex of mineral-organic nature with a special spatial structure and increased ability to penetrate into plant cells and tissues. The basis of this complexone are substances of the brassinosteroids class, which are natural signaling substances that play a key role in the activation and regulation of the immune system of the plant.

Complexone of brassinolide activates the genes of the plant’s immune systems, which are normally not active. The same genes include plant productivity genes, since the launch of maximum yield (a generative program) is a response to stress that a plant experiences under adverse conditions. Thus, the preparation starts the protective program of the plant and brings the yield to the biological maximum, even in adverse environmental conditions. Due to the special structure of the complexone of brassinolide, the preparation “V-Agro” has a number of unique effects that have no analogues in the series of preparations that stimulate the plant or the so-called adaptogens, that is, increase resistance to stress, namely: drought, high and low temperatures, attacks of pathogens, and other influences, and is also responsible for the active growth and development, the intensity of photosynthesis and the ripening of fruits.

“V- AGRO” — how to apply: the preparation must be applied in a complex.

Maximum effect is guaranteed only while adhering to the recommended treatment technology, namely the technology for seed priming and plant foliar treatment.

Depending on the group of crops, there are several adaptations of treatment technology. For example, triple treatments are recommended for grain, industrial and bean crops (seed treatment and two treatments during the vegetation period). For fruit and berry crops, vegetable crops, where seed treatment is not applied, – two foliar treatments in different periods of vegetation.

The preparation is compatible with plant protection agents, which allows its use in the same tank. Wet leaf treatment is strictly prohibited.

“V-AGRO” — what the effects: preparation enhances biofungicidal protection of seeds, accelerates the growth and development of the root system by 2–3 times, which leads to an improvement in mineral nutrition (assimilation of macro- and microelements). When treating grain crops during the growing season, tillering and formation of productive stems, full-grown ears, and ripening are enhanced.

In the fruit and vegetable group, the leaf area is increased, flowering is enhanced, more fruits are set, and ripening is accelerated, the size of the fruit is increased, the sugar content is improved, it works as a biofungicide.

At the cellular molecular level, the preparation increases the concentration of photosynthetic pigments and enhances photosynthesis, increases the rate of starch accumulation, thickens the waxy bloom of the leaf blade, protecting the leaf from overheating, pathogen attack, and the effects of acid rain. The cell wall becomes thicker, which leads to the stabilization of photosynthetic organelles — chloroplasts, which improves the efficiency of photosynthesis even against stresses, for example, sudden frosts.

An increase in the waxy cuticle of the leaf and thickening of the cell wall leads to an increase in the resistance of plants to pathogens of fungal and bacterial nature even against the background of an attack. In addition, the preparation “V-AGRO” is a reliable safe repellent that guarantees the reduction of insect attacks without the use of aggressive insecticides and without affecting the ecosystem.

“V-AGRO” — impacts on ecosystem: the preparation is absolutely harmless, environmentally friendly, belongs to the category of organic products, has the appropriate certificates. Does not affect humans, animals and insects, does not accumulate in the environment. After plant treatment, it is absorbed within a few hours and has a positive effect only on the treated plant.

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