Nature gives us the best …
“5 ELEMENT” saves the Earth!

Granulated microfertilizer 5 ELEMENT are white granules with a diameter of 3.6 mm containing a complex of microdoses of very pure salts (zinc sulfate, magnesium sulfate, manganese sulfate, ferrous sulfate, copper sulfate, cobalt sulfate) and sucrose.

It regenerates macro- and microbiotic of the soil and stimulates the development of a powerful root system

It increases productivity by 20-50%, as well as the appearance and quality of the agricultural products

It has a high penetration rate into plant cells with a high absorption coefficient

It is non-toxic, the application rates are extremely small (20-56 grams per 1 ha of agricultural crops)


We introduce knowledge into every sprout on the field.

Our company works to optimize the life support of the plant by activating the internal and external microbiological processes that affect the life of the plant. We have outstanding results in such areas as:

improvement of plant growth and quality;
increasing tolerance to drought;
improvement of the physical and mechanical state of the soil (decompaction, optimization of the acidity (pH);
improvement of soil drainage quality (water permeability);
improvement of gas exchange in soil;
soil improvement (phytosanitary condition);
suppression of infections in the roots and leaves of the plants;
facilitating the tolerability of diseases in plants;
yield and production enhancement of the main agricultural crops from 10 to 50%.


 The following positive changes are observed

 Despite its small size (granule of 3.6 mm), the fertilizer is able to significantly affect the yield of basic crops, thus increasing the production.

Crops strength

Strengthening of the immune system, due to which the plant actively resists diseases and pathogenic microorganisms. Recent research has shown that “5 ELEMENT” endow plants with tolerance to abiotic stress, such as frost, drought and heat, and also to bear their consequences.

The soil

Restoration and accumulation of humus in the soil is up to 0.14% for three years of constant use of the microfertilizer (over a hundred years, natural accumulation under normal conditions is up to 1%).

Leaf area

Growth in the leaf area of plants is by 15-25%, which accordingly increases the efficiency of photosynthesis.

The root system

Growth of the root system is by 1.8-2.2 times, which gives the plant more nutrients for its active development.

 Scientific activity

In our laboratories we carry out tests of the manufactured product on plants, we check its efficiency on control samples.


Particular attention is directed to the microbiology of soils, since the soil is a living substance and has the ability to self-repair. Microbiology of soils is the main factor of stable and high yields of agricultural crops. Everything revolves around the traditional agrochemicals. What and in which quantity was and should be applied. But nobody knows how it was “killed” the soil and how long it will continue. But, fertile land is the main factor of stability of agricultural crops commodity production economy.


We pay special attention to the dynamics of accumulation of humus. Microfertilizer “5 ELEMENT” contributes to the restoration and accumulation of humus in the soil up to 0.14% for three years of constant use. Over a hundred years, natural accumulation under normal conditions is up to 1%.

Our microfertilizers are recognized in the world! 



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